Saturday, March 08, 2008

Samantha Power: Monster Slayer! 

Three years ago this month, Samantha Power made it on to the pages of Manhattan Transfer

My first reaction to seeing Samantha Power’s [latest public gaffe] was to recall recall that she was pretty cute when we were in college together. She wasn’t much of a drinker and seemed entirely immune to my many charms but she had a great smile, eyes that sparkled and an impressive figure.

My second reaction was to remember how annoying her politics were. She was always saying that what the world needed was another government with weapons, fighting men, and the power to tax, jail and destroy. She seemed entirely immune to any evidence about the dangers of global governance.

A typical conversation with Samantha would go something like this.

Samantha: “The lack of an international enforcement mechanism is a terrible weakness for international law that needs to be remedied through creating new institutions and stregthening existing ones.”

ManhattanTransfer: “It’s pretty when you push your hair back like that and get excited.”

Samantha: “Can you take your hand off my knee? Did you know you’re spilling whiskey on your shirt?”

ManhattanTransfer: “Let’s find some place quieter to talk.”