Wednesday, September 17, 2003

US Defeats Star: If there's no New York team playing, I root for sports teams like a girl--whoever has the best name or the best uniform. That's why I was so disappointed to discover that Star magazine has completely abandoned the Battle of Bryant Park.

Star had everything over us: snappy pink-trench coat uniforms, more alluring looking women handing out their fashion week special editions, and the approval of Meghan Stier. Not to mention the relentlessly hyped capture of former-US editor and permanent Gweneth Paltrow nemesis Bonnie Fuller. US minions showed up wearing nothing better than pink (for the girls) and black (the lads) t-shirts emblazoned with the US logo.

But today Star is nowhere. The steps in front of the hideous Fashion Week tent are owned and operated by US. Fashion Week has been won by the dull.

Update: As of this morning, Star magazine rejoined the battle. Tune in later for the latest developments.