Monday, October 06, 2003

The Governor's On Steroids: I don't do politics here. Or much of it anyway. Unless it involves Vincent Gallo's lust for right-wing blondes. But this message from one of Steve Sailer's readers was irresistible:

"I suspect Mickey Kaus is looking at the possibility of continuing effects of steroid use on Ah-nold too narrowly. I have no idea whether personality-altering physiological effects of using steroids continue long after one stops using, but it seems reasonable to me to think that having one's personality altered with artificial testosterone throughout one's early adulthood would have long-lasting effects. If Arnold came into manhood with his personality hormonally enhanced, and continued to live with extra hormones through his twenties and thirties, isn't it a pretty safe bet that this experience shapes the way he sees and interacts with the world?

"I mean, if he had been a drunk during the years that he accumulated the habits and patterns of behavior of being an adult it would certainly be fair game to question how this experience might still be influencing him. And certainly Republicans, who like to talk about the importance of "character" and the like, would be hesitant to make someone whose character developed "under the influence" their standard bearer.

"Oh, wait. Never mind."

One of Chris Rock's best routines was his "The Mayor's on Crack" response to the re-election of Marion Barry. Now it seems it's time to update it to reflect a governor built by steroids.