Friday, October 17, 2003

A Magnet for Swiss Miss: Some people find themselves encircled by midgets at the bulgarian bar. I always end up admist the Swiss.

Manhattan Transfer (taking cigarette): Thanks.
Swiss Miss: Gobbly-gobbly-gook.
MT: Pardon me?
SM: Hokey-dokey, gobbly-gook.
MT: Uhm. Okay. Where are you from?
SM: Switzerland.
MT: How did you find out about this place?
SM: Very much.
MT: Huh? I mean how did you find it at all? It's not exactly on the beaten track. But there are always Swiss girls here. Is it famous in Switzerland?
SM: Riddle, riddle, boil, gobble hoke. (Nods toward dj.)
MT: Uhm. Okay. How long are you here for?
SM: Four days.
MT: Is this the start or the end of your four days?
SM: Yes.

I should add that SM was wearing pink leg-warmers and pink-arm warmers.