Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Our Bid for New York Magazine: We are pleased to confirm our offer to purchase New York Magazine. The wildly variable profits and the already underway fierce bidding war notwithstanding, we think Manhattan Transfer needs a print appendage and have decided to purchase this venerable old media institution. (Also, we want to be Elizabeth Spiers' boss. By the way, anyone checked in on her lately? No blogging since Friday!)

Of course, we have no interest in actually running a magazine (idiot editors, money hungry freelancers, interns, $500k columnists no-one reads--blech!), and our current investment plan does not anticipate equity investments in mass market periodicals, so we're seeking partners in our venture. We expect our partners will provide the financing, and in exchange we offer to: buy you a new laptop, pay for your SoHo house membership and split the equity 50-50 with you.

This is not a joke. If you're interested, please email us.

Update: Spiers is back. Call off the search.

Update, Update: Posting snarky things about Graydon again. Horray! One caveat: that contemporary casual look really is what Graydon wears to the office. But a realistic photo wouldn't have him in a zen pose in his office. He'd be dashing across the span of sidewalk outside 4 Times Square toward his big, black SUV before any Conde Nast employees do something crazy, like look him in the eye.