Wednesday, October 22, 2003

That did not just happen.

"You are a man after my own heart, Vincent. Once you get a haircut we can talk."
--Laura Ingraham, MSNBC's Buchanan & Press, Tuesday, October 21.

My TiVo thinks I'm a reactionary, so it records Buchanan & Press each day. But now it's recording shows from an alternate reality. Midway through a typically boring debate between the loathsome Sid Blumenthal and Laura Ingraham, Pat Buchanan starts reading from creepy actor-writer-sorcerer Vincent Gallo's recent Page Six love letter to the blonde, right-wing populist. Ingraham reacts by wrapping her claws around Buchanan's neck and threatening to choke him.

Then Gallo starts talking. They've got him on the line, from LA. Things start off badly. Laura's never seen any of Gallo's films. He says that she's out of touch but pretty. Then he launches into a rant against Hollywood's "agressive and one-sided" liberalism. Laura starts fist pounding. "Yes! Yes!" She's enthralled. She's blushing. She tells Vincent to have his people call her people.

I've got to get the TiVo fixed. This is not really happening, is it?

Update:Apparently it is. Here's the transcript to last night's Buchanan & Press.