Saturday, November 08, 2003

Crash Strategies Please: I want to crash the screening of The Master and the Commander at the New York Yacht Club on Sunday night. Why? For ones, special screenings are the new black and I haven't been to one. (What about Kill Bill? That was an opening. Pay attention!) For twos, I'm deeply curious what parties attended by right-wing cranks like Bill Buckley and Taki are like.

By the way, I'm very qualified. I even learned to sail this summer. (How? It's easy: yachters tend to be older gentlement who are flattered by interest shown by young men in their sport. Bonus: they're not all perverts!) Except that I don't own a blue blazer and I haven't worn khakis since those creepy Gap ads made it seem like everyone had to wear khakis or else.

I'm taking suggestions on how to crash the screening. The winning entry, gets to crash with me! (Bonus: win a place on my very exclusive blogroll. Harder to get in than Soho house.)

(Question: why all the random bolding? I'm not sure!)