Monday, November 17, 2003

Emergency Underwear: I was a bit confused by something someone wrote in my "comments" section so I went to google to find out what "emergency underwear" could be.

--Dutch scientists have developed underwear that calls an ambulance if the wearer has a heart attack.

--From back in the day when we were all sure Y2K was going to, uhm, what did we think it was going to do? Anyway, here is Y2K Readywear: Underwear in a Can.

--Infrared rays make molecule movement so active that they activate the cellular function. So they faciliate blood circulation & metabolism, prevent from growing aging, soothe fatigues resulting from stress.

--Not sure what to make of this: work's going more smoothly - the days don't seem quite as endless as they first did. i got a rash on my ass from wearing g-strings (emergency underwear) so i finally did laundry yesterday. course, i'm still wearing the clothes i've been wearing for three whole days now - but i bathed tonight so i'm sort of clean. hmmm...probably shouldn't make mention of those things in public...too late. i've been dreaming of robots.

  11/17/2003 08:44:00 AM