Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Smoker, Drinker, Horse-Player: My journalist-mentor Tony sends a letter from England.

Awful about the smoking. I am definately not in NYC couldnt contenplate a pint without a cig. This is one area were I can join forces with thre pure rightists, when the do good liberals think it is their mission to force us to live longer etc.

I always made the case that as a smoker, drinker and horse player I was the most ecologically sound and the mostt heavily taxed.

Think about it, we degenerates of the habits only consume natural and replenishable resources, grain, water, tobacco etc. We keep horse in a grand stylke, if we didnt bet on them they would not exist, we are limited consumers of bullshit goods such as TV's sterios atc, since we spend so little time at home, we share those Items ala, juke boxes etc.

Even our consumption of the rain forests is limited since we share the same bar stool withother instead of the liberal home makers who have more chairs trhan they will ever have asses to sit on them more tv's than one pair of eyes can whatch, tons of plastice nonsens that goes into them. wE DONT HARDLY EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH WASTED PACKAGING, SINCE OURE DRINK COMES IN THE SAME GLASS USED BY THOUSANDS, oUR CIGS DONT REQIRE PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS ETCE ETC. (IGNORE THE CAPS, IT IS JUST MY CLUMSY FINGERS)

Thats another gripe, I think the button designers are from the effeet mob, thay make them so smaall we who have real fingers, stumps, bang two or more at the same time, mi9biles are the worst case of this.

back to ecology, the only case against us is that we exhale smoke. The acid rain etc dont come from smokers it is the factories providing for the indulkgent consummers, I guss it s okay if the chinese choke to death making snaekers for the healthy joggers etc.

An example in the UK, soon after returning I trook a double decker bus to our Lake District, a National Park, we had a 15min stop onb the journey during which the driver and I stood outside had smoked several. The irony, he and I were the only ones on the bus, as we approached the National park , as far as the eye could see there were cars crawling along, bumper to bumper, all beltching exhaust fumes, all driven by the environmentalist who insisted me ad the driver couldnt smoke on the bus. And so it goes on.

jhell if I dint smoke would they take me to court fore destoying my finger nails? See you have got me going.

To answere your question currently in Blackburn England, planniing to spen three months in Lithuainia, trying to do some good, but thats tough since all the programs are western driven and they dont take into account countries without the resources cant implement programs that in the west are fully funded from taxes collected from an advanced economy etc etc. Plus they would dream of thinking that those folk might have got anything righ.

A best example was running into a bunch of Scandinavians running an expesive EU funded program, to introduce walking to the poor of Latvia, Ok we in the west are so attached to our cars and stuff ourselves with more food than any body needs, so we haqve cardiac risks etc, but in the town where these folks were introducing the program, the number one transporttion is walking, and the folks have a problem getting enough to eat not too much.

Same goesw for western Gender programs, gender means "womens" when it cdomes for funded projects. They spend fortunes in the Former Soviuet Union, Dont seem to notice they had equal employment long before their western sisters woke up. Plus with the collapse of the Soviet system the most impacted are the men, since it is the heavy indust5riewl and date manufacuring jobs that have gone to the wall, what new jobs there are are in the service sector, where women are trhge majority. resiult alcholism and suiced has rocketed among the male population who have no hope oif work, lost their role as family head etc. But that doiont stop the western sisters from having their gender programs, which I repeat means womens programs.

When I go over there I usually spend most of my time fighting the highly paid Western consultants who aare happy to make their fees and dont givce a shit if what they are recomending will ever work. I go in a volunteer capacity, which means survival money, but a fredom to shout the truth.

Oh I dont apologise for my typo's I never mastered tipping, and I dont see the need to worry when eeeing froiends. Ask your mum and dad about when they wanted to sponsor me on a typing course, I was the first person employed by Newsday who couldnt type, used a yellow pad, they might recall I tried to get on a course at the wymca, but they wouldnt let me cause I was a fellow. Hope this gives you something to chew

on regards, --Tony