Sunday, November 09, 2003

Witnessing Something I'm Not Supposed To:

"What are we drinking?"
"Whiskey, silly boy."

"If I go to Serbia will you come with me?"
"Of course. Cab or subway?"
"To Siberia."
"No. Not Siberia. Serbia."
"Oh. Yeah. Sure. I'll go."

"Was that girl Swiss?"
"Probably. I get swarmed by them here."
"She just stole our ashtray."

"I think we should steal this sign."
"Free shots if you get naked? What would we do with that?"
"Make it the house motto."
"We don't live together."
"Fuck. Leave it then."

"I think I'm witnessing something supposed to."
"What's that?"
"Stupid people talking."

"Lately I've been feeling self-destructive. No. Not self-destructive. What's the right word?"
"No. Self-destructive. That's right."

"Walk up ahead, okay?"
"I've got to throw-up. A gentlemen would walk up ahead to the car so a lady can in private."
"Maybe you shouldn't be driving if you need to throw up."
"Don't be ridiculous. Who ever heard of not driving on an upset stomach?"