Friday, December 19, 2003

FriendAlert: On instanting messaging, you can tell when your friends are online and willing to chat because they pop up on your buddy list. Isn't it about time we set one of these up for life offline?

I'm thinking it would be a function of your mobile phone. A button you would press that would signal that even though you'll later claim you didn't actually do lines of JaysonBlair off the bar at Siberia, you are indeed having breakfast at five-thirty a.m. with a couple of other drunkards who have to work in a few hours, so it's okay to call.

This would revolutionize drunk-dialing. No more waking-up the unwelcoming. With FriendAlert you'd know who is waiting for that booty-call and who has become a boring-as-all-get-out-asleep-before-2am-type.

The big drawback is that mobile phones already have this capability. It's called the "off" function. Which you really should use when you go to sleep if you don't want to be interupted by those of us who are still floating through the night on Primatene mist at 5:07 a.m. If you leave your phone on, well you've been warned.