Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Simple Life in China:

It occured to me how simple life here is. I really have very few choices to make. I don't even get to choose what I eat on a daily basis. As far as dressing goes, i wear my orange uniform pants, a t-shirt and a sweat shirt. Saturdays in siping involve some high power descision making, though. I have to decide whether i want to go to the internet cafe before or after going to the grocery store, but that is such a boneheadedly easy call that it doesn't even count. That's really about it.

I fear that I may not be able to cope with the everyday choices that have to be made in life. "What kind of beer do I want?" "What should I wear today?", "What should I eat for lunch/dinner?", "Should I take the A or the E train?" "Patroit or Idiot?" The answers to some of these questions are some times made easier by the day of the week, but some of them are down right crippling. I hope I don't have too much trouble getting back into the life of an unemployed loafer.

Don't worry Grasshopper, we've got plenty of unemployed loafers around here to show you how it works.