Monday, January 05, 2004

Britney Gets Married: It seems like only yesterday that she was widely rumored to have overdosed.

Britney: No Overdose. Just Over.


"Verizon nationwide four-one-one. Make progress everyday. What listings?"

Cornell Medical Center, please.

"The number you have requested is ------. To automatically dial this number for an additional charge... "


"You have reached the New York Presbyterian Hospital Cornell Medical Center. Press one for the Emergency room or ambulance. Press two for all other services."


"For information about a patient press 1."



Hi. Was Britney Spears admitted for a drug overdose last night?

"Hold on...Hello?"

Hello. Was Britney Spears admitted for drug overdose?

"Hold on...No. I'm sorry. She's not here."

What do you think of her new album?


She's got a new album. Called In the Zone. Do you like it?

"I don't really care for her."

Who do you like better?

"What do you mean?"

Uhm. Britney or Christina?

"I'm not really into either of them."

Who do you like?

"Well, let's see. Mary Jane [Blige]."

Who would win in a fight?


Britney or Mary?


But she's not there either, right?

"We don't have any celebrities. Try the other hospitals."