Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Vagina Monologues for the Blogged Set. Some girl called Chris Hampton (a.k.a Uffish) is putting together a production of bloggers moaning about their sex-lives. The list of participants surprisingly does not include Eurotrash, the blogsphere's expert on bad sex, but does include Bazima, FTrain, Choire, Kiri, Andyschest, Moufa, Saran Warp, My So Called Strife, Doctor Grosz and Uffish herself.

Relax. The name of the piece--"Worst. Sex. Ever."--does not mean the audience will be expected to watch these people sex with each other. They're going to talk about bad sex. Maybe not even with each other but with other people, who won't be in the room to defend themselves.

Shit. I'm off to the bar now for a glass of whiskey while I try to remember how many of these folks I've fucked.