Monday, February 23, 2004

Yeah, I'm Sorry, Still No Original Content, Still Ripping Off My Betters: Elizabeth Spiers returns to the helm of the Kicker, and goes absolutely blogcrazy, posting four-times in three hours. It's like the old Gawker days.

There's even a modified, improved Gawker-stalker-esque item. Someone writes in about an encounter with Jayson Blair and asks what the Hell [1] you say to Blair. Elizabeth's got some terrific suggestions. Here are a few more:

* "Give me back my whiskey you fuck."

* "If you and Stephen Glass got in a fight, who would win?"

* "Are you sure? I'm pretty sure the answer is 'everyone else.'"

* "Dude, you're a hero. I didn't think anyone could do coke off the toilet seat in Siberia and live.

* "Oh, wait, that wasn't you? That was me? Nevermind. I'm the fucking hero. Why are you famous again?"

* "Who writes TMFTML when you're out of town?"

[1] Note the capitalization; Hell is a place. Like Hoboken. Only without Eurotrash. For now.