Tuesday, March 23, 2004

As It Turns Out, Smack is a Perfectly Acceptable Reactionary Drug.

From the latest issue of the American Conservative:
"I have my full fair share of drunks who won’t stop destroying themselves and everyone around them; speed and coke freaks who wind up in prison because they won’t stop cooking, dealing, and acting out; potheads who squander their God-given potential in delusional hazes; barbiturate users wallowing in the pathos of their petty neuroses. Such things are about life and human weaknesses, so let God sort them out, I say. But with some of my opiate patients, something else is going on, and I began to connect this to the fact that opiates, unlike liquor, speed, coke, and pot, have remarkable, powerful, unique, and irreplaceable medical efficacies."

Or, as the right-wing playwright Jean Cocteau wrote: "Everything that we do in our life, even when we love, we perform in a rapid train running to its death. Smoking opium means getting off the train."