Monday, March 01, 2004

The Blondes Win: I didn't write anything about the Great Anonymous Blogging debate because, you know, who gives a shit? But this morning's dust-up over the fate of the Kicker pretty much lays into the grave the hoary notion that the...[Note to Ed.: What's the opposite of an Anonymous Blogger? Ed: a Vanity Blogger. Note to Ed: Heh.]...Vanity Bloggers are inherently more credible.

Blogging is as blogging does, and it's probably best to judge the credibility of a blog based on its track record for accuracy rather than a metaphysical assumption regarding the identities of the authors.

Fair warning: if you're looking for accuracy, truth or a grounding in reality, look elsewhere. As I've said before, I really am making all this shit up.

[Oh, yeah. Link via TMFTML. Shit. Don't want to get into that debate either.]