Monday, April 19, 2004

As It Happens, Tara Reid Is Still Alive:

Kill The Bird provides stumbles across the evidence that Tara Reid is alive and, uhm, perhaps not exactly "well" but at least semi-concious at Spice Market:
"I went back to that little known restaurant Spice Market last nite. Perhaps you've heard of it but doubtfully. They're not big on PR. Tara Reid was there. She was dining with Noah Tepperberg (uber-promoter turned Marquee club owner) and one other chick. A few investigative phone calls later, I found out that he'd already consummated his relationship with her a while back and his passion for her continues unabated. I can't quite recall what either of them were wearing, drinking or eating. I was quite drunk. But I think Tara looked pretty hot. More power to Noah. I understand she's remarkably prudish and nun-like in her dating life. Wooing her could take months if not years."
On the other hand, D-Nasty's observations may indicate that Ms. Reid's encounter with conciousness may have been brief and passing:
"Her head rolled upon her neck in drunken epicycles. Like a well-tanned buzzard hovering over a wounded antelope, an Enrique Iglesias look-alike sat next to her and smiled. I found it very sad."
[Spice Sighting--Killthebird]

[How I Saw Tara Reid, Found Her To Be Haggard-Looking, and Questioned My Own Faith in God--D-Nasty]