Friday, April 16, 2004

The madness of George II:
We must first deal with the problem that George seems genuinely mad. There was a riddle in nearly every sentence. He spoke like someone dramatically out of touch with what everyone else knows. The whole scene was a bit wacky, as if the uncle who everyone knows is crazy came to the family reunion and was humored because he is family. People were going easy on George just because he seemed like he was speaking about another planet.
[Ed.: Isn't this how you get treated at your family reunions? MT: No. There's a difference between maddness and drunkenness; they're not even spelled alike. Ed.: Actually, madness isn't even spelled like that either; it's only got one 'd.' MT: It's Friday. Where are we drinking?]

[Lew Rockwell on the President's Press Conference--LewRockwell.Com]