Monday, April 05, 2004

News You Can Booze:

Two items of hotness from my friends in the dive bar world.

1. Even More Room to Get Drunk in the Shadow of the Port Authority. When my father was young he thought it was called The Port of Authority, and imagined that all authority over the seas emanated from that port. It was not entirely crazy since in those days the New York harbor often teemed with battleships. Uhm, I forget why I started talking about his.

Oh yeah. I know everyone knows where Siberia is (which is different from where it was before the Rockefeller Center Business Development Group found out that someone was running a bar from the subway station). Well, around the corner this is an even creepier place. Walk to ninth avenue and look for the hearse. The whiskey drenched dive to your left is a bar called Bellevue, which will reportedly be taking over the next door bar Dorothys, doubling its size. The bars will be connected by a doorway near the mens room (not in the mens room as some have speculated) so drinkers will be able to travel freely with drinks from side to side.

The site that was formerly Dorothys remains work in progress, but owners plan feature live bands early on the evening and present "lounge vibe" later on.

"Think a low key , less loud Bellevue," one owner has said.

Grand opening is rumored to be next week.

2. Get Your Tats Out At Red Rock West. It's probably your last chance to smoke meth up on the High Line before they turn it into a park for all the children of Chelsea's New Paltz marriages. Once you've sucked the last of your crystal, you might want to drop into Red Rock West for their tattoo contest tonight. Runs from around 10:30 and features prizes, motorcycle enthusiasts, drunk investment bankers having their shirts ripped open and bouncers who will kick your ass if you touch the scantily clad bartenders.