Monday, April 12, 2004

Shard and Ruins:

IMBD Search Results: It doesn't beat being the number one result for Richie Sambora, but I'm proud that ManhattanTransfer is the number one result for Jill Halfpenny naked on IMDB.

Overserved vs. George Bailey: "I know I'd choose Pottersville. So there would be some suffering. Harry would have drown in the pond in a sledding accident, causing all the soldiers on that transport to die in flames. Donna Reed would have ended up as a spinster of a librarian and Uncle Billy would have ended up a homeless bum, but come on the guy was an idiot anyway. All that aside life would be a lot more fun in Pottersville, with the booze and the hookers." Read the rest on Overserved.

Winning: I've won something over at Paul Frankenstein. Not quite sure what it's all about, but I think he's telling me I left the best comment of the year in 2000. Was that on usenet?

Fodder for DC Bloggers: Someone please, please get a copy of the manuscript for Kristen Gore's new chick-lit novel, set among the wonks in Washington, D.C. to Wonkette and Swamp-City. The novel had its genesis in the niche marketing department of Miramax, whereupon Harvey went out and found what passes for a celebrity in Washington, D.C. to write it. "There was no, what we call in house, D.C. Bridget. All these chick-lit novels were set in Manhattan, usually in the office of a magazine or a publishing company. And somehow the trend missed Washington D.C." D.C. Bridget. Let the bloodshed begin.