Friday, April 16, 2004

We Always Knew She Had It In Her:

Maccers Can't Get Enough!
April 16, 2004

It's likely that you've never heard of Maccers, but soon people all around the world will be talking about her and watching her naked on the Internet!

Maccers will be the star of her own all-free / all-the-time adult web site showcasing her wild sexual desires that can no longer be contained, supported only by advertising revenue. Maccers looks like your average woman, but she says that she's been living a double life of wild sexual exploration.

When interviewed by UJ reporters, Maccers said, "My friends and family will be shocked by this news, but I can no longer pretend to be a by-the-rules average person who they all think I am! I love sex and I can't get enough! If a day goes by without sex, it's a wasted day. Whether it's a stranger I met at a bar, another woman, or 3 men filling every hole at the same time, I'm happy and feel satisfied."

Maccers said that getting laid everyday by dozens of men, and making money doing it via a web site is a dream job! This is what made her decision to launch this venture an easy one. "I really had no idea how much money you could make on the Internet until I started selling personalized porno videos and pictures to lonely men on eBay. I made a lot of money very quickly.", said Maccers.

Maccers says that she practices safe sex and always requires her partners to wear a condom when being penetrated, but loves the taste of semen and usually asks her partners to ejaculate in her mouth or on her breasts.

The beta launch of her web site can be found here, with a full launch expected later this month.

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