Monday, April 12, 2004

Who's on First No Longer: One of the great dives of the upper east side has shut its doors forever. Who's On First opened its doors in 1996, competing with downtown dives such as the Village Idiot for the title of raunchiest, scantly-clad barmaid, beer-and-shot soaked bar in New York City. When the Idiot's Tommy McNeil needs new bartenders he puts out a sign that says, "Shameless sluts wanted. No experience necessary." Who's on First often hired those shameless sluts once they had a little experience working for Tom.

Bartenders at Who's have included Chaundra, Amy, Timmy and Carmit. Goodnight, girls. And thanks for all the hangovers.

Chaundra and Amy

Timmy & Carmit

As always, thanks to NYCBP.Com for the news about the dives.