Wednesday, June 16, 2004

One Way or Another: "The Germans made it even more inconvenient to live in the countryside because they marched most of the peasants away, " Madame Karolyi said. "But at last the war ended. We were liberated by the Red army. I don't know why, but no one had any idea the Russians were goign to stay forever. By then I was fifteen, longing to live. Lori was my confidant. She advised me to find love in the world because it made sex much more enjoyable. I asked how long would that take. She said three to five years. After that I should live as if I were going to be alone because in one way or another all women ended up alone. 'Love will come, if it comes, in a form that will surprise you,' she said. 'Accept it for as long as it lasts.' My hope was that it would come several times, beginning very soon. She saw nothing wrong with that..."

--The Old Boys, Charles McCarry.