Wednesday, July 07, 2004

The Meatpacking District Eats Its Parents:

"For all fans of dive bars and bathrooms that smell like puke, take note. The Village Idiot is about to close for a second time. It was originally on First Avenue. Ten years ago it moved to its current location. Come September 1, it will be gone for good," writes Kevin Fitzpatrick of NYCBP.com.
This has long been in the cards. The Wild Turkey and PBR drenched Idiot is a wild-eyed drunk in the recently tamed meatpacking district. Still, the Idiot's long-served as one of the best places to get falling down drunk in New York City, a haven of honest vice and filth in our increasingly polished metropolis. It will be missed.

Update: Someone has already written an 800-word elegy for the Village Idiot.

"Drinking at the Idiot meant that you had a certain philosophy of life. You did not feel guilty spending as little on as much beer as you could, wearing as unfashionable and raggedy clothes as you had, reveling in as dilapidated a dive bar as was imaginable and yet still allowed to remain open. It was always Anti-Fashion Week at the Village Idiot, and it was not for Barbie Doll-types."
Days are numbered for the Village Idiot--NYCBP.COM.

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