Monday, July 19, 2004

Overserved Is Going Away, Again:
I am going to see Black 47 at South Street Seaport this Wednesday, and you should too. The show starts at 6pm and The Damnwells (never heard of them) are opening; so I wouldn't think Black 47 would be starting before 7pm.

Black 47 is always a good show. What better way is there to see one of NYC's best hometown bands than for free at the Seaport? (Also, they’ll have beer there).

Come one, come all. Bring your friends. This is the also the first installment of my going away celebrations. I'm  planning at least one event each week for the next 4 weeks. Attend all 4 and you get a special gift. (Probably in the form 4 enormous hangovers.)

See you there, Overserved.

Now the dawn's comin' up on the Bowery
And you're heartsick and soakin' wet
With your tongue hangin' out for some Irish Rose
You'd sell your soul for a cigarette
"And someday I'm gonna give up this drinkin'
But then maybe someday I'll win the lottery too
Then I'll go back home to old Wexford Town
And paint her 40 shades off blue"