Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Well, that about settles tonight's dinner plans, doesn't it? Woke up this morning feeling almost human for the first time since last Thursday. Looks like I might not just fade to black and cease to exist after all.

The serialization of The Great Gatsby has been terrifically helpful. This should go on all the time. Much easier to read novels as bits of newsprint than lug around books on the morning commute only to lose them in the gin mills late at night. Also, the Times is printing Gatsby beautifully, with wide columns and large type, in a tabloid format. Perfecto.

This sentence reminded of one of the hottest women fortune ever threw in my path: "there was an immediately perceptible vitality about her as if the nerves of her body were continually smouldering." This woman shook when you held her, quivered as if nothing could contain the energies that flowed through her veins. But maybe it was just the drugs.

Fortunately, I didn't throw away the rest of the paper this morning. Otherwise I might have missed the article on minimally marked-up wines at NYC restuarants. Turns out Mermaid Inn adds a straight fifteen dollars to all its wines, which means the better wine you order the less the mark-up. Even better, Landmarc (which replaced my beloved Independent) has 1989 Krug for $165. Mmmm.