Friday, August 06, 2004

Steve Sailer Proves New York Times Movie Critic Has Not Seen Any Movies with Denzel Washington:
The NYT's new hire as film critic, Manohla Darghis gets off to a bad start, giving this competent but silly picture a rave, and unloads this doozie:

... "Collateral" is very much the product of a distinct vision, one as eager to push technological limits (the film was shot with the most advanced video cameras) as to upend the usual studio white-hero/black-villain formula. For the director, such casting isn't a sop to political correctness, but a reflection of his city's demographics.

Question for NYT's esteemed critic: What planet are you watching movies on? What "white-hero/black-villain" formula? Manohla should go tell Morgan Freeman about all the villain roles available to black actors because he's been complaining for years that he can't get a role as a bad guy. But, of course, she would know better than he would, wouldn't she? After all, she is a film critic for the New York Times.
[Ed.: Oh, please. When was the last time you saw a film with Denzel? Fair enough.]

[Also, this is probably just damage control. When this movie fails it will obviously be blamed on the daring premise of having black hero and a white villain. Maybe someone should give the director should get a medal or whatever they give people who make crappy movies with politically correct premises. Oh wait, that’s what the Oscars are for.]

[New York Times via Steve Sailer.]