Wednesday, August 18, 2004

You Drink, They Drive 

Someone in London has invented the “scooterman.” Drive your car to a party, drink as much as you like, call scooterman who appears on his collapsible scooter, which he stows in the trunk of your car while he drives you home. Fucking excellent.

In Manhattan, of course, we import people from the third-world to drive us about in yellow cars, so we don’t need scooterman. But they’d come in handy in the Hamptons. It would certainly save the trouble of taking a taxi back to Jet East to pick up the Escalade you abandonned after your seventh gin-and-tonic. Only they should clearly be “scootergirls” and they should wear bikinis.

[via BizNetTravel Travel Log]

Update: They've got it in Los Angeles too. L.A. is so cool. Silly car people.