Friday, September 17, 2004

Warm Ups 

Last night was just practice.

A few drinks here and there to warm up for the main event tonight--the semi-anniversary of Saint Patrick's Day.

Began the night at Rue 57, where I met with the Very Small Manhattan Right-Wing Conspiracy cabal. I've sworn off seducing the women of the VSMRWC, even the lovely A-M and her shirt-button challenging bosom. Even The Woman Formerly Known As Swamp City, also. But not, I realized as I sat on the very low chair near the bar, the black-clad blonde waitress with the Hungarian accent who was pretending she was French.

"Can I get you something to drink?" she said, bending deeply at the hips so that her eyes leveled with mine.

"Of course. Thank you. Pete what are you having?"

"A Belgian beer of some sort."

"Great. I'll have one of those and a Jameson's on the rocks."

"In the same glass?"

Hmmm. Well she was gorgeous and I probably should have been ordering wine anyway.