Monday, October 11, 2004

Blood in the Streets 

I'm sorry I had to shut down the internets on Friday. I stopped by the Cellar to meet a filmmaker friend Thursday night, and things took an unexpected turn into chaos. The filmmaker is sober so it should have been an easy night. I'd sip a glass or two of whiskey while she drank whatever it is that people-who-don't-drink drink. We'd listen to the amazing Cellar jukebox and compete for who has the best stories from our recent adventures. I figured I'd be home in bed before midnight.

I didn't know that I was, like so many fallen warriors, about to be abducted by a flock of valkyries. The filmmaker retreated from the bar when it became apparent that we were all going to open the doors to valhalla with the whiskey we were inhaling.

The rest of the night is a blur of blood, broken bones and debauchery.

You can read about it here and check out the pictures here.

By the time Friday rolled around I just thought we'd all be better off if I shut down the internets for a few days.