Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Half and Half 

My friends were having this conversation last night in Cellar.

Him: I think we’ve made out like three times.

Her: We’ve made out way more than that. We’ve had sex three times.

Him: That’s right. Sorry. Only three?

Her: Yeah. Were we ever sober?

Him: I don’t think so.

Her: What about that time when I moved into my new apartment?

Him: Oh, right. You wanted to break the new place in or something. That was like Dare Sex. I think we were sober.

Her: And what about that time in the morning?

Him: I don’t know about you, but I was still drunk.

Her: Well, I was sober, so that’s one and half times.

Him: If I agree it is possible to have sex a half time can we have sex again?

Her: Depends. Drunk or sober?

Him: I’m drunk but you look sober enough, so that will be another halfsie.

Her: Fuck. I’m drunk too. I was hoping you were sober.