Monday, November 01, 2004

Get Hillary Out of the Senate 

I know: I have said bad things about Hillary, as for example that she looks rumpled as a teenager’s room, that she probably belongs to some hitherto undiscovered arachnid phylum, that she is a cynical, calculating cold-blooded tax-and-spend virago with the personality of a walk-in refrigerator.

These days that sounds pretty good...

At least she is not embarrassing. While she may be a walk-in refrigerator, she is an intelligent walk-in refrigerator. I say that if you are going to be ruled by an appliance, get a bright one. She speaks English, whereas the encumberment only hints around at it. (I don’t think a president should be permitted to make war on anything he can’t pronounce. But I’m a traditionalist.) There is every indication that Hillary finished high school.
[Fred Reed--Hillary for President]

Also, then Hillary would once again be a shared, national embarrassment rather than the secret shame of New Yorkers so hard up for local talent that we had to import a Senator. (Even Illinois won't stoop that low!)