Friday, November 19, 2004

The Irony of Ad Sense 

I created the Google Adsense column on the far right in part because I missed the old blogger ads that used to run at the top of the blogspot pages. Like the new google ads, they were linked to the content of the page and sometimes produced surprising results. I considered them an entertaining feature of Manhattan Transfer, and when Google Adsense gave the the chance to bring back the adverts, I jumped at it. Also I wanted to get rich (RICH!) off the revenue.

Someone noticed that for weeks before the election my adspace was dominated by advertisements for John Kerry. Actually, if you clicked through the links, you would have discovered that they were sponsored by John Kerry for president but by people selling junk about the Kerry campaign. Pins and such. This was ironic since the closest thing to politics I've run here was a link to an article by Steve Sailer arguing that George Bush might be smarter than John Kerry.

As of this moment, the advertisements are all for alcohol recovery programs. Renaissance Alcohol Rehab (Confidential & Exclusive Treatment Center), Assisted Recovery Centers (Non-12 step, naltrexone assisted alcoholism treatment, nationwide), Quit Drinking (Steps To Recover From Alcoholism Feel Great, Be Healthy, Live Happy), Drink Less Alcohol (Simple, convenient, effective).

Do you think they are trying to tell me something?