Thursday, November 11, 2004

MT Is So Boring Ever Since He Stopped Drinking, Part II 

My plan not to drink so much on Mondays was greatly assisted by my decision to drink altogether too much this past Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I managed to have a quiet evening at home Monday night, contemplating the variety of hangovers I could magage at the same time. Tuesday night was dinner with a girl at an old favorite—Piadina.

Wednesday night I decided it was safe to meet up with friends for drinks. They were meeting around nine in the Black Crow. I had an earlier engagement so it was eleven when I stepped down into the darkness of the Crow. They weren’t at the bar. They weren’t in the elevated backroom where the pool table is. They weren’t in the Crow at all.

I dialed SwampCity. "Where are you?"

"I’m in Hell’s Kitchen. On my way home. Where were you? I’ve been drinking in your neighborhood all night."

"What the fuck? Why didn’t you call me to say you were going?"

"I just thought you weren’t going to come out. You’ve been lame all week."

All week. Keep in mind that it was only Wednesday. Two days off the bottle and my reputation is ruined.