Wednesday, December 01, 2004

News from the Interwebs 

Rick Bruner blogs about the Real Gilligan's Island. MT Value Added: Rachel Hunter comes across as a really, really nice woman. Nicole Eggert has lost at least 50% of her hottnizzy. Must be all those sexed up movies she did with Corey's Feldman and, uhm, that other one.

Page Six produces a gossip item entirely based on something from Lindsayism. MT Value Added: Can we all agree that Lindsay is famous now and will someone make her rich already?

Why Does Music Suck? asks Steve Sailer. Mostly it seems to be the fault of the girls, who used to have really good taste but lost it at some point. MT Value Added: Musical taste in New York City is still totally under control of women, so whether Sailer's analysis of popular music applies to the NYC scene depends, I guess, on what you think of the NYC scene.