Tuesday, December 07, 2004

SAC We Hardly Knew Ye 

It's hard to believe that it's been just over eleven months since the interwebs first felt the wrath of that lanky man eating breakfast in a very small car. Actually, we had detected his presence before that when, like a trout rising to the bait, he linked to a few of our New York City blogs.

And now it is over. I was going prepare a lengthy exposition of the history of SAC, with links to his greatest hits. It would have been a masterpiece. You would have cried and perhaps cursed your cruel gods. But last night I lost the battle not to drink on Mondays so I cannot be bothered. Besides, SAC had already put together the Portable SITNNY, which I have preserved for your reading pleasure.

The Portable SITTNY

Rise of the Machines
Keeping Up With the Jones Mechanism
They Live!
Deliberately Deforming Nature
The Uncanny Valley
Ghost Visits the Ocean
The Long and Winding Road
Weegee Bored
Fish in a Barrel
Something Wonderful
Portrait of the Blogger as a Young Man
An Honor to be Nominated
You, Robot
Baby's on Fire