Thursday, December 09, 2004

When Life Serves You Lemons, Make Bourbon 

A friend of Brooklyn blogger Tennessee Whiskey gets laid off.
What he took with him:

Swingline Stapler

100 Sheets Cotton Bond Cream Paper (for resumes)

10 pens (some Pilot model that has been discontinued)

One of those spikes that you put messages on

5,000 Staples

What he left behind:

The plant his ex-girlfriend gave him after commenting that his cube lacked a "homey" feeling

The picture of his exgirlfriend which he had never bothered to toss and was now covered by numerous post-its and emails tacked to the wall

That day's lunch (Tuna sandwich, a banana and a yogurt, in a locked drawer)

His cell phone number with the receptionist, along with a note which read "I don't work here anymore so its okay, call me" (he figured it was worth a try)
And, of course, TW comes up with a plan to convert his friend's pink-slip into free drink tickets.