Thursday, December 30, 2004

Win An Evening With Manhattan Transfer 

Well, okay. Not a whole evening. But perhaps a brief tryst in which you will buy me whiskey and I'll tell you lies that will make you feel pretty and smart.

What's everyone doing for New Year's? I've got some action lined up if anyone wants to tag along but I'm looking for more. Post a comment or send me an email with your plans. The reader with the bestest plans wins. The opportunity of a lifetime! A major award!

Important Update: I wrote this over at Brother Lawrence's Funeral and when I read it this morning I couldn't help but be impressed at the wit and wisdom I had displayed in his comments. It seemed unfair to deprive the readers of Manhattan Transfer of this stuff. Also, it might help some lucky reader out there Win (Part of) An Evening With Manhattan Transfer!
I usually spend the New Year's eve moving between parties, sipping whiskey from a flask because I'm stuck trying to hail cabs in the freezing cold, crashing parties I'm not invited to, drinking altogether too much and waking up in/with places/people that I shouldn't never have been in/with, much less slept in/with.

My usual rules for life apply to New Year's Eve: avoid anything that costs so much you feel you need to stay to get your money's worth even if it sucks; avoid crowded open bars because it's impossible to get a drink, the drinks will be weak, you'll end up paying for the good stuff anyway and you'll tip heavily trying to impress pissed-off bartenders who will nonetheless forget you; avoid anywhere you are tempted to go to because you think there will be lots of attractive members of the sex you to which you are attracted because you'll always be disappointed and everyone else there will be desperate also; and stay away from anything in a neighborhood that you cannot easily get out of.

On my tentative To Do List for NYE2005:

Gogol Bordello is playing at North Six. Hutz is spinning afterwards. Expect everything noisy, sweaty, drunken and incomprensible. Things will get broken.

Oh, and that Motherfucker thing is happening. Bravery playing at 3 a.m. Expect long lines of fidgetty hipsters.

After that I the lowdowntown people are doing their thing at their place. Re-live your early nineties raver period. Party like it's 1992! Runs until 9 am.