Thursday, January 20, 2005

Always Like This 

My fake band is called Always Like This. Last night I went all the way to Greenpoint so we could practice our new song, "Krucoff's Mom." It is nothing short of amazing. So punk it hurts. Since we recorded our first two songs in the basement of a boarded up shop that is now Chinese-Polish restaurant, we're looking for a new recording space. If anyone has any hints, drop me a line.

Also, at some point I'm going to put up the first two songs, or talk someone with bandwidth to host them for me.

Update: Why am I in a fake band? A few months ago I was crashing some big music to-do here in NYC with some friends. When security tried to put me in a headlock, I told them that we were one of the bands playing that night. Somehow that worked.

Afterwards one of the new members of our brand new fake band said, "Tonight's been fucking crazy, huh?" "It's always like this," I told him.