Monday, January 24, 2005


Dodgeball founders Dennis Crowley and Alex Rainert are interveiwed over at Corante. Money quote:
Some of the most interesting things we’re seeing are the ways in which people are using the service in ways we never intended. I’ve been out with friends who use dodgeball as a way to avoid people ("Rachel is moving north. Let’s head east!") or as a way to when is the perfect time to show up at a party ("Everyone’s already checked-in at Hi-Fi, might as well head over now"). My favorite new use (and something I’m also guilty of) is seeing people adding strangers to their friends list as a way of saying "You’re cute, come find me at Luna Lounge."
You've got to love how Dennis sneaks that last one in there, as if the whole purpose of Dodgeball wasn't to get girls to give him their phone numbers.

Seriously, though, if you aren't on Dodgeball, why not? Sign up. Drop me an email, I'll add you to my buddy list. It's like a mobile myspace or something.