Thursday, January 06, 2005

Get Thee To The Distillery 

There are some bands that are so good that they make you hate music. After listening to a few songs you realize that everything else you’ve been listen to is trash. You feel cheated, humiliated and angry. Why have they wasted your time and damaged your taste with this shit when music can be so good?

The Distillers are a band that make you hate. If you’re not listening to them and you want to live your life with a smile and an oh-so-positicore attitude, you better not listen to Beat Your Heart Out. By the time lead signer Brody Dalle screams, “there’s nothing left so take the rest” your fists will be clenched, you’ll have knots in your neck and you’ll be on your way to a bar to get drunk on whiskey and hate-fuck hipsters. Try not to smash too many windshields on your way there.

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