Tuesday, January 25, 2005

It's Okay Because Stupid Men Can Just Date In Prison 

The New York Post's David Kane discovers that men and women disagree about how important it is to date someone smart.
I did some investigating, and asked a sampling of men and women if they preferred to date people who were A. a bit smarter than them; or B. a bit less intelligent.

Interestingly, all of the women responded smarter, while most men said they'd go for a girl who was just slightly dim(mer) witted.

Smarts are attractive, said the women, believing it to be an indicator of general ambition and direction in life.

Guys tended to favor women who were less intelligent, mainly because they didn't want their decisions second-guessed.

So, unless you're an ultra-brainy hetero woman, that works out just fine.
Look. I know we're not supposed to care very much about men on the left-side of the bell-curve, but here isn't it glaringly obvious that that this doesn't "work out fine" for dimmer men?