Thursday, January 06, 2005

ManhattanTransfer: The Internship 

A rare opportunity has come knocking on your internet door! Manhattan Transfer is currently seeking an intern. Job duties include writing one Manhattan Transfer blog post each week; setting my Tivo; re-upping when we’re low on product; calling the office when I’m too hungover to make it into work; fixing my busted template; updating the blogroll; getting drunk frequently; returning calls from people I will not speak to any longer; leaving anonymous comments on blogs I despise; introducing the editor to your cutest, wittiest, drunkest, sluttiest and wealthiest friends; calling me from No Data and telling me if it is one of the good ones or the bad ones; putting me back on my barstool at Cellar; and day to day administration of whiskey and pharmaceuticals. Intern’s pseudonym will appear on the masthead (hey, another duty: you get to make a masthead).

It’s an amazing experience for anyone who wants to get his foot in the door of the blogging and drinking world of New York City. Looking for prospective bloggers who are enthusiastic about, uhm, blogging. Prospective interns should be bright, witty, good looking and have credit cards that are not maxed-out. Experience with mdma a plus. As the Manhattan Transfer internship is not only unpaid but can become quite expensive due to our new reverse expense account policy (we drink on your dime), applicants MUST have some independent source of wealth. Email your resumes, headshots, measurements and list of club memberships to manhattantransfer@gmail.com.

Qualified applicants will be invited to interview on the afternoon of Saturday, January 8th at a downtown location to be disclosed.