Monday, January 24, 2005

More Brain Book Reading 

I had a completely snowed-in weekend, and for once 'snowed-in' isn't a euphemism. Curled up on the couch, playing board games, ordering-in chinese and pizza, drinking red wine. Blondie played loving companion all weekend. As FYPM would say, we're building a life together, totes. We only emerged from the Manhattan Transfer Penthouse in the Sky for the traditional Saturday brunch at Bar Marche, which we had to order off the dinner menu since it was already 6 P.M.

I also got some more cognitive science reading done. Most of the books in this area seem to be thoroughly attached to a universalist, biophobic perspective. But among books that are either not universalist or biophobic I've discovered a pattern. A book that discusses cognitive diversity is likely to downplay biology, while a book that discusses the biology of cognitive processes is likely to downplay diversity.

This makes reading the congitive science books fun, because you can only read them with half of your mind. The other half is busy thinking about the things they leave out.