Thursday, January 13, 2005

Overserved in 2005 

Overserved sends an email about his upcoming birthday.
This Saturday is My Birthday (yes that deserves caps). I’ll be 28, which makes me almost as old as Keiffer and old enough to be Schattner’s father. To celebrate/mourn this occasion I’ll be at Fado drinking. I invite you all to come and buy me a drink or two. Bring your hot, trashy desperate (female) friends so I don’t have to enter yet another year of my life as a virgin.

I’ll get there around 9pm to start the festivities and I’ll stay as long as there are people there who will pretend they like me. Depending upon how the night progresses we may change venues, but I figured Fado was a decent starting point because everyone can find it. When we all get a little loaded we can move on to dodgier places.

No need to RSVP or anything, although a little feedback would be nice, so I know whether or not to bother showing up myself. Please don’t make me celebrate another birthday alone with a bottle of Wild Turkey.

For those who aren’t familiar, here’s the WP online listing for Fado.

I hope that works, I’m having trouble with hyperlinks in using Outlook.

Spread the word. Even if nobody cares about my birthday it may be fun. And it’s also Martin Luther King’s real birthday.

There are lots of people whose email addresses I don’t have so please, do tell all your little friends.

Thanks an I hope to see you all there before I blackout.
I'm pretty sure that last line means you have to get there early.