Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Tuesday Contest 

We're continuing to add new features to Manhattan Transfer. In addition to regular features such as "Hot Chick on Thursday" and "I'm Too Hungover to Blog Friday," MT will now be offering a contest every Tuesday. The winner of each week's contest will receive something from the ManhattanTransfer treasury, which is stocked full of excess booze, wine, music, books and tickets.

The inaugural contest is connected with my first venture in photoblogging--the somewhat abstract snowblog picture I posted on Sunday. Through the blur of the snow, you should be able to make out a glowing neon sign. The first person to correctly identify the establishment attached to that sign via comments or email wins. And, since we don't like to distinguish between dreams and reality too strongly around here, there will be a consolation prize for the most interesting wrong answer. Good luck.

Update: The answer was Fanelli's Cafe, and the winner was TMFTML.