Friday, February 18, 2005

I Go Where The Jewish Bus Takes Me 

JLo wasn't going to take the abuse. It didn't matter how deep his dimples were. There's no way the Canadian Mounty was going to hit her infront of her kid. Her cards were frozen, so she changed her name. Most importantly, she got a bad haircut. It was very Sleeping With the Enemy meets Look Who's Talking meets creepy ER, but nobody talked about it.

Things were going pretty well despite the Mounty and his thugs appearing at inopportune moments to beat people up. Until she realized. They wouldn't stop. Until. She. Was. Dead. Naturally, JLo invested in a trainer.

Here's where JLo gets tough. You can tell because she showed her abs a lot. Suddenly it got very suspenseful. Did JLo die? Did she kick the Mounty's ass? Did Noah Wyle go back to the ER where he belongs? I. Don't. Know.

The driver started the movie somewhere in Delaware and we were already at my stop. I contemplated staying on the bus, but figured the Orthodox Jews wouldn't really appreciate the company.

Disembarking, I realized there's a lot more space for the sun when you leave New York City. Also, there are people who admit they're from Kansas.

So I've taken Bunnie's advice and am partaking of the wireles at her apartment. The Bunnie claims to have a camera, so I'll try to post the occasional photo until MT resurfaces from south of the border.