Thursday, February 10, 2005

Send Lawyers, Guns and Money 

"Quiere algo para tomar?"

I'm escaping the cold and snow for a fortnight of pura vida.

Be not afraid. The helm of Manhattan Transfer is being handed to Miss Anna Thropic. We discovered Anna when she was still a teenager, hitchiking eastward along a deserted stretch of South Dakota highway with dangerous looking vagabond. She climbed into our van and told us she'd never seen the ocean. When she finally sobered up and ditched the vagabond at the Corn Palace, she stopped lying and revealed that she was an heiress to a Greek shipping fortune. Or maybe that was the lie. It's so hard to tell.

In any case, Anna has moved to New York, and brought her foul mouth, her hunger for men and a general disdain for humanity with her. She's like the usual editor of this site, only drunker, meaner and wearing a tartan skirt. I thought I'd give Anna a shot at this blogging thing. What's the worst that can happen?