Tuesday, February 22, 2005

We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming 

When I turned the keys to the site over to Anna, I knew I was asking for trouble. I'm away for ten days and the place is a wreck. There are nylons on the shower curtain, empty bottles of Jack Daniels under the bed and the place smells like burnt flowers and tobacco. I'm probably going to get a call from the federales about the naked midget cowboy picture.

Actually, I'm very grateful to Anna for the great posts while I was away. And more than a bit broken-up about missing the annual Morning Side Heights decadence. I'll have the Jack 'n Gingers lined up for you at the Cellar tonight, Anna. And be warned: I think that after last week's performance you may not be allowed to fade back into the world of People Without Blogs so easily. Your public won't tolerate it.

Lots of stories to tell about Costa Rica (and pictures too, including, oddly enough more naked cowboys) but they'll have to wait until I get this place cleaned up a bit and get caught up with a few of the projects that I left behind when I fled the country.